The Golden Altar of Incense: Intercession and Worship

Jul 23, 2021

Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, where we explore the depths of faith and beliefs. In this section, we will delve into the significance of the Golden Altar of Incense in intercession and worship. Join us on this spiritual journey as we unravel the layers of this sacred practice.

The Importance of Intercession

Intercession plays a vital role in the life of a believer. It is a powerful act of standing in the gap for others, praying on their behalf, and seeking God's intervention. The Golden Altar of Incense in the tabernacle was a physical representation of this spiritual practice.

At Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, we believe that intercession is a divine invitation to partner with God in His redemptive plans for humanity. It allows us to participate in the work of reconciliation, healing, and restoration on both individual and societal levels.

A Glimpse into the Tabernacle

To fully comprehend the significance of the Golden Altar of Incense, we must first step into the world of the tabernacle. The tabernacle was a portable sanctuary designed by God Himself as a dwelling place for His presence among His people.

Within the elaborate structure, the Golden Altar of Incense stood as one of the key elements, situated in the Holy Place. Its positioning highlights its importance in bridging the gap between God and His creation.

The Symbolic Meaning

Every detail within the tabernacle carried symbolic meaning, and the Golden Altar of Incense was no exception. Its materials, dimensions, and rituals associated with it all held spiritual significance.

The golden construction of the altar represents the divine nature and holiness of God. The fragrant incense, a blend of spices, symbolizes the prayers of the saints, rising like a pleasing aroma to the throne of God.

When we approach the Golden Altar of Incense in intercession, we enter into an intimate space of communion with the Almighty, releasing our prayers and petitions with faith and expectation.

Unlocking the Power of Worship

Worship is an essential component of the Christian faith, intricately woven into the fabric of intercession. It is through worship that we express our adoration, reverence, and awe for our Creator.

The Golden Altar of Incense also served as a place of worship, where the priests offered up praises and thanksgiving to God. Through our worship, we align ourselves with His heart, drawing closer to His presence and encountering His transformative power.

Practices and Significance

At Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, we encourage believers to actively engage in intercession and worship, embracing the practices associated with the Golden Altar of Incense. These practices include:

  • Prayer: Dedicate regular time for prayer, seeking God's guidance, and interceding for others.
  • Fragrant Offerings: Just as the incense was a fragrant offering, let your worship be a pleasing fragrance to God.
  • Focus: Fix your gaze on God, setting your heart and mind on Him alone during times of intercession and worship.
  • Intimacy: Cultivate an intimate relationship with God, allowing Him to reveal His heart and leading as you intercede for others.
  • Thanksgiving: Express gratitude to God for His faithfulness, mercies, and answered prayers.

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