Advancing in Prophetic Ministry with Ken Fish and Adam Thompson

Aug 4, 2019

About the Prophetic Conference

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries is excited to present the upcoming Prophetic Conference featuring renowned speakers, Ken Fish and Adam Thompson. This conference is a golden opportunity for individuals interested in deepening their understanding of prophetic ministry and enhancing their spiritual gifts.

Unlocking Your Prophetic Potential

If you have ever felt a calling to explore the prophetic realm or are looking to expand your existing prophetic capabilities, this conference is perfect for you. Ken Fish and Adam Thompson are experienced speakers with an extensive knowledge of the prophetic. They will guide and equip you with practical tools, insights, and wisdom to help you mature and advance in your prophetic journey.

What to Expect

This Prophetic Conference is designed to provide a transformative experience for all attendees. Here is what you can expect:

  • Powerful Teachings: Ken Fish and Adam Thompson will deliver engaging and impactful teachings, drawing from their vast experience in the prophetic realm.
  • Prophetic Activations: Get ready to participate in practical activities and exercises that will activate and sharpen your prophetic abilities.
  • Q&A Sessions: Interact directly with Ken Fish and Adam Thompson as they answer your burning questions related to prophetic ministry.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect and build relationships with like-minded individuals who share your passion for prophetic ministry.
  • Personal Ministry Time: Experience personal ministry and receive prophetic impartation from Ken Fish, Adam Thompson, and other experienced prophetic ministers.
  • Worship and Soaking: Engage in heartfelt worship and experience a deep sense of spiritual connection as you soak in an atmosphere of prophetic impartation.

Key Topics Covered

Throughout the Prophetic Conference, various crucial topics related to prophetic ministry will be explored. Some of these include:

  • Biblical Foundation of Prophetic Ministry: Gain a solid understanding of the biblical principles underlying the prophetic ministry.
  • Hearing the Voice of God: Learn practical techniques and develop discernment skills to accurately hear God's voice.
  • Interpreting Dreams and Visions: Discover the symbolic language and meanings behind dreams and visions.
  • Activation and Impartation: Experience times of activation and impartation to sharpen your prophetic gifts.
  • Prophetic Ministry in Community: Understand the significance of prophetic ministry within a community and how to foster healthy relationships.
  • Prophetic Evangelism: Discover how to effectively use prophetic gifts in evangelism to impact lives.

Who Should Attend?

This conference is open to individuals from all walks of life who have an interest in prophetic ministry. Whether you are a beginner seeking to explore the prophetic realm or an experienced prophetic minister looking to deepen your gifts, this conference offers something for everyone.

Registration Details

Join us for this life-changing Prophetic Conference. Registration can be done through our website or by contacting our office. Secure your spot today and be prepared for a transformative journey in advancing your prophetic ministry.

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Lisa Moore
Insightful speakers indeed!
Oct 15, 2023
John Berg
Looking forward to gaining valuable insights from two gifted speakers.
Oct 7, 2023