Isaiah 62 Fast May 7 to May 28

Feb 17, 2021


Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries' Isaiah 62 Fast, taking place from May 7 to May 28. We invite you to join us in this transformative spiritual journey as we explore the depth of our faith and connect with God in a powerful way.

What is the Isaiah 62 Fast?

The Isaiah 62 Fast is a period of dedicated fasting and prayer inspired by Isaiah 62:6-7, where God calls His people to be watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. This fast is an opportunity for believers to seek God's heart and intercede on behalf of their communities and nations.

Why Participate?

By participating in the Isaiah 62 Fast, you have the chance to deepen your relationship with God and experience His transformative power in your life. Fasting is a powerful spiritual discipline that helps us align our hearts with God's purposes and seek His guidance in all areas of life.

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting allows us to detach ourselves from worldly distractions and focus on our spiritual growth. It helps to cultivate self-discipline, self-control, and a heightened sensitivity to God's voice. Through fasting, we can also experience physical and emotional healing, breakthroughs in areas of our lives where we've been stuck, and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

How to Participate

Participating in the Isaiah 62 Fast is simple. Choose to fast from any activity or food that you feel led to give up during the designated period. This could include fasting from social media, television, caffeine, or specific types of food. The key is to dedicate the time you would have spent on those activities to prayer, Bible study, and seeking God's presence.

Prayer and Intercession

Throughout the Isaiah 62 Fast, we encourage you to spend dedicated time in prayer and intercession. Pray for your community, your nation, and the world. Lift up the needs of others, intercede for the marginalized and oppressed, and seek God's heart for His plans and purposes to be fulfilled.

Seeking God's Heart

The Isaiah 62 Fast is an opportunity to seek God's heart and align our desires with His. Spend time in worship, meditate on His Word, and listen attentively to His voice. As we draw near to God during this fast, He promises to draw near to us, revealing Himself in new and beautiful ways.


Join Behind the Veil Christian Ministries for the Isaiah 62 Fast from May 7 to May 28. Experience the power of fasting and prayer as you deepen your faith, connect with God, and seek His heart. This fast is an opportunity to draw closer to Him, align with His purposes, and make a lasting impact in your life and the lives of those around you.

Alex Wenzel
This fast will truly ignite our spiritual journey! 🔥🙏🌟
Oct 4, 2023