Oração final do Terço de São Bento

Sep 21, 2023

Welcome to JovensCatolicos.com.br, your trusted source for Catholic resources and spiritual guidance. In this article, we will explore the significance of the Oração final do Terço de São Bento, also known as the Final Prayer of the São Bento Rosary. This powerful prayer has been cherished by believers throughout the ages and carries a profound meaning.

Understanding the Oração final do Terço de São Bento

The Oração final do Terço de São Bento is recited at the end of the São Bento Rosary, a devotion dedicated to Saint Benedict, who is renowned for his intercession in times of spiritual warfare and protection against evil forces. This prayer is an integral part of the São Bento Rosary and holds deep symbolism.

The Powerful Message of the Prayer

At its core, the Oração final do Terço de São Bento calls upon the Almighty for protection from the snares of the devil, seeking God's divine assistance in our daily struggles. This prayer serves as a reminder of the constant spiritual battle we face in our lives and emphasizes the importance of faith, trust, and seeking God's guidance.

Exploring the Words of the Prayer

The prayer begins with "A Cruz Sagrada seja a minha luz" (The Holy Cross be my light). Here, the cross symbolizes the victory of Christ over sin and death, providing illumination and hope in our darkest moments. It reminds us that through the cross, we find strength, redemption, and the ultimate source of light.

Continuing, the prayer states "Não seja o dragão o meu guia" (Let not the dragon be my guide). In Catholic symbolism, the dragon represents evil and temptation, the adversary seeking to lead us astray. By acknowledging this, we affirm our desire to be guided solely by God, rejecting the influence of darkness.

The prayer then proceeds with "Retira-te, Satanás" (Be gone, Satan). This powerful invocation demonstrates our firm conviction in the authority of God over all evil. We call upon God to vanquish Satan, casting him out of our lives and empowering us to resist his temptations.

Finally, the Oração final do Terço de São Bento concludes with "Nunca me aconselhes coisas vãs" (Never advise me of vain things). This phrase emphasizes our plea to be shielded from idle, meaningless pursuits that distract us from the path of righteousness and spiritual growth. It is a reminder of the importance of discernment and seeking God's will.

Experiencing the Power of the Oração final do Terço de São Bento

The Oração final do Terço de São Bento holds deep spiritual significance for believers who seek protection and guidance. By embracing this final prayer of the São Bento Rosary, individuals can experience spiritual renewal, find strength in their faith, and cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

Integrating the Prayer into Your Spiritual Practice

If you wish to incorporate the Oração final do Terço de São Bento into your spiritual practice, consider reciting it as a part of your daily prayer routine. You can hold your São Bento Rosary, meditate upon its significance, and recite the prayer with heartfelt devotion. By doing so, you actively invite God's protection, and the prayer becomes a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

Benefits and Blessings

Through the Oração final do Terço de São Bento, believers have reported experiencing a sense of peace, spiritual clarity, and increased fortitude. The prayer serves as a shield against spiritual battles, fostering a deeper connection with God and the intercession of Saint Benedict.


The Oração final do Terço de São Bento is a profound prayer that carries deep spiritual meaning for believers. It serves as a powerful tool for protection against evil forces, strengthening one's faith, and seeking God's guidance. By integrating this prayer into your spiritual practice, you can experience the transformative power it holds and grow closer to God's divine presence.

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