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Nov 4, 2018


Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries' Grow Kids Videos page. As a community-driven organization dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth, we are thrilled to offer a wide range of educational and entertaining videos specifically designed for kids. Through our engaging content, we aim to develop a strong foundation of faith and foster a love for Jesus in young hearts.

Why Choose Grow Kids Videos?

At Grow Kids Videos, we understand the importance of providing children with enriching content that aligns with their faith and values. Our videos offer a unique combination of high-quality production, biblical teachings, and entertainment, making them perfect for Sunday school, homeschooling, and family devotionals.

Engaging and Educational Content

Our vast collection of videos covers a wide range of biblical stories, parables, and lessons tailored to children of all ages. Each video combines captivating animation, thought-provoking narratives, and interactive elements to create an immersive learning experience. We believe that effective learning happens when children are not only entertained but also actively engaged in the content.

Nurturing Spiritual Development

At Fairfax United Methodist Church, we understand the importance of nurturing the spiritual development of children. Our Grow Kids Videos are carefully curated to instill Christian values, teach biblical concepts, and ignite a sense of wonder and reverence for God within young hearts. By combining entertaining storytelling with meaningful lessons, we create an environment where kids can grow in their faith and deepen their understanding of God's love.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our user-friendly platform provides easy access to all our Grow Kids Videos. With just a few clicks, parents, teachers, or caregivers can find the perfect video to support their children's spiritual journey. Whether it's Noah's Ark, the Ten Commandments, or the life of Jesus, our extensive video library ensures that there is something for every child's interest, age, and learning level.

Parental Guidance and Involvement

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries recognizes the importance of parental guidance and involvement in a child's spiritual growth. We encourage parents and caregivers to watch the Grow Kids Videos together with their children, allowing for meaningful conversations and shared learning experiences. The videos serve as a catalyst for deeper discussions about faith, morality, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Community and Collaboration

Join our vibrant community of parents, educators, and church leaders who are committed to supporting children in their faith journey. Connect with like-minded individuals, share insights, and exchange ideas on our online forums and social media channels. We believe that collaboration and the sharing of resources can significantly enhance the spiritual growth of children across different communities.


As part of Fairfax United Methodist Church's commitment to promoting faith and belief in our community, the Grow Kids Videos provided by Behind the Veil Christian Ministries serve as a valuable tool in fostering spiritual growth in children. Through engaging, educational, and entertaining content, we aim to impact young lives and nurture a generation grounded in love, kindness, and Christian values. Join us on this exciting journey of faith and exploration through the Grow Kids Videos!

Will Curley
Great initiative! 🙌👍👦👧
Nov 8, 2023
Deborah Norkin
As a parent, I appreciate the effort of Fairfax United Methodist Church in providing educational and entertaining videos for kids. 🙌👦👧
Oct 11, 2023