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Oct 25, 2019

Our Mission: Guiding Lives and Nurturing Faith

Welcome to the vibrant community of Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, a place where faith and beliefs shine with a transformative power. Our mission is to guide lives, nurture faith, and empower individuals to lead a purposeful life filled with love, compassion, and spiritual fulfillment.

At BeachChurch, we believe that every soul deserves to find solace, hope, and purpose. Our dedicated team of leaders, volunteers, and members are committed to creating a nurturing environment where individuals can experience the transformative power of faith.

Deep-rooted Beliefs and Values

In our Community and Society - Faith and Beliefs category, Behind the Veil Christian Ministries stands tall. Our beliefs are built on a strong foundation of love for God and for one another. We embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ, promoting unity, forgiveness, and the pursuit of righteousness.

We strive to create a welcoming haven for all, embracing diversity and respecting every individual's unique journey. Our values of love, compassion, integrity, and servant leadership form the bedrock of our ministry.

Our Services and Offerings

At Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, we offer a diverse range of spiritual services and resources to cater to the needs of our community.

Sunday Worship

Join us every Sunday as we come together to celebrate the glory of God. Through passionate worship, heartfelt prayers, and inspiring biblical teachings, we seek to strengthen our connection with the divine and with one another.

Small Group Studies

We believe in the power of community and fellowship. Our small group studies provide an intimate setting for individuals to dive deeper into their faith and engage in meaningful discussions. These studies foster spiritual growth, connections, and a sense of belonging.

Youth and Children's Programs

We recognize the importance of nurturing and empowering the next generation. Our youth and children's programs provide a safe and enriching environment for young minds to explore their faith and develop strong moral values.

Social Outreach and Community Service

Empathy and compassion form an integral part of our ministry. Through our social outreach and community service initiatives, we actively strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need. We believe in serving as hands and feet of Jesus, extending love and support to the marginalized and less fortunate.

Our Inspiring Community

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries is blessed with a diverse and compassionate community. Our members come from all walks of life, united by a shared desire to deepen their faith and make a difference in the world.

Within our community, you'll find individuals who have experienced remarkable personal transformation through their encounters with God's love. From testimonies of healing and restoration to stories of finding purpose and joy, our inspiring community members are living testaments to the power of faith.

Join Us on This Spiritual Journey

Whether you're seeking answers, exploring your faith, or looking for a community that accepts you just as you are, Behind the Veil Christian Ministries welcomes you with open arms. Join us as we embark on a spiritual journey together, discovering the deep-rooted beliefs and values that guide our lives.

Experience the uplifting power of worship, engage in transformative discussions, and become part of a community that supports and encourages spiritual growth. We invite you to join us at BeachChurch and witness the beauty of faith unfold in your life.

Discover the vibrant community and faith behind Behind the Veil Christian Ministries. Immerse yourself in our deep-rooted beliefs and values, empowering you to lead a purposeful life. Explore our mission, services, and the inspiring individuals who make our church a welcoming haven. Join us on this spiritual journey today.

Campbell Gower
Love and faith unite 🙏💖
Nov 11, 2023