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Sep 18, 2018

About Behind the Veil Christian Ministries

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries (BTVCM) is a leading organization focused on promoting gender and sexual orientation equity within our community. As a faith-based organization, we believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and supported, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Prioritizing Inclusivity

At BTVCM, inclusivity is at the core of everything we do. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, deserves love, respect, and equality. Our work is guided by the principles of empathy, understanding, and compassion, ensuring that everyone feels valued and accepted within our community.

Supporting All Individuals

We provide a wide range of support services to individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations. Our dedicated team of professionals offers counseling, mentoring, and educational resources to help individuals navigate their unique journeys. We strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where individuals can freely express themselves and receive the support they need.

Advocacy and Education

Advocacy and education play a key role in our mission to promote gender and sexual orientation equity. We actively engage with local communities, schools, and organizations to raise awareness and foster dialogue surrounding these important topics. Our aim is to challenge societal norms, eliminate stigmas, and educate others about the importance of embracing diversity and promoting equality for all.

Creating Lasting Change

At BTVCM, our ultimate goal is to create lasting change within our community. We believe that by normalizing acceptance and celebrating diversity, we can contribute to a more inclusive society. We actively support initiatives and policies that promote gender and sexual orientation equity, advocating for equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Get Involved

If you share our passion for gender and sexual orientation equity, we encourage you to get involved with Behind the Veil Christian Ministries. Whether you volunteer your time, donate to our cause, or simply spread the word about our mission, your support makes a difference. Together, we can build a more inclusive and accepting community for all.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, need support, or want to learn more about Behind the Veil Christian Ministries' work on gender and sexual orientation equity, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and support you.

Nancy Karason
Great step towards equality.
Nov 10, 2023
Nhi Hong
Great initiative promoting inclusivity!
Oct 5, 2023