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Apr 8, 2021

About Behind the Veil Christian Ministries

Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, a community-driven organization dedicated to nurturing individuals' faith and belief systems. Our mission is to foster spiritual growth, provide valuable resources, and create a supportive network for believers seeking guidance on their journey of faith.

Discover the Village Church

Within our community, you will find the Village Church, a place of worship and fellowship. The Village Church stands as a testament to the power of faith, where individuals from all walks of life come together to celebrate and embrace their beliefs. With a rich history rooted in tradition, the Village Church welcomes everyone who seeks solace, enlightenment, and a stronger connection with God.

Joshua Week 20 - Choose Whom You Will Serve

In this week's sermon at the Village Church, we dive deep into the teachings of the book of Joshua. The chosen scripture highlights the importance of making a conscious decision to align ourselves with our true purpose and the ultimate source of love and guidance - God.

Understanding the Weight of Choice

Choices define who we are and mold the direction of our lives. They have an immense impact on our relationships, careers, and most importantly, our spiritual well-being. In Joshua Week 20, we explore the significance of choosing whom we will serve, emphasizing the need to prioritize our devotion to God and align our actions with His divine plan.

Embracing Faith and Belief Systems

At Village Church, we encourage individuals to reflect upon their spiritual journey and make a conscious choice to deepen their faith. Through thought-provoking discussions, engaging sermons, and interactive sessions, we empower our members to embrace their own beliefs and personal convictions.

Fuel Your Spiritual Growth

At Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, we firmly believe in providing valuable resources to support and nurture the faith of our community. Our commitment to enhancing your spiritual growth is reflected in the various programs, classes, and workshops offered at the Village Church.

Join Our Community

If you are seeking a community grounded in faith, love, and compassion, we invite you to join us at the Village Church. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, our doors are open to you. Together, we can strengthen our relationship with God, grow spiritually, and make a positive impact in our local community and beyond.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Behind the Veil Christian Ministries and the Village Church, please reach out to us. We would be delighted to connect with you, provide additional information, and help you embark on a transformative spiritual journey.


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Behind the Veil Christian Ministries offers a supportive network for believers in their faith journey.
Oct 9, 2023