The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation

Dec 21, 2017


Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, where we offer a transformative experience through our unique guided meditation – The Stations of the Cross. This powerful journey of faith and reflection provides an opportunity to delve deep into the life, suffering, and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The Profound Experience

At Behind the Veil, we believe that participating in The Stations of the Cross offers a powerful and profound experience that can enhance your spiritual journey. This guided meditation allows you to reflect on each of the fourteen stations that represent significant events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion – from his condemnation to his resurrection.

Stations of the Cross Meditation Benefits

  • Deepens your understanding of Jesus' sacrifice
  • Honors and commemorates the life of Jesus Christ
  • Enhances your connection with your faith and beliefs
  • Invites personal reflection and spiritual growth
  • Guides you in prayer, contemplation, and meditation

Our Approach

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries has carefully crafted The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation to provide a comprehensive and authentic experience. Our team of experienced ministers and spiritual leaders have meticulously designed each station to create a powerful atmosphere of reflection and spiritual growth.

The Stations

Our meditation journey includes fourteen stations, each focusing on a particular event in Jesus' journey to the cross. These stations are:

  1. Jesus is condemned to death
  2. Jesus carries His cross
  3. Jesus falls for the first time
  4. Jesus meets His mother, Mary
  5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross
  6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
  7. Jesus falls for the second time
  8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  9. Jesus falls for the third time
  10. Jesus is stripped of His garments
  11. Jesus is nailed to the cross
  12. Jesus dies on the cross
  13. Jesus' body is taken down from the cross
  14. Jesus is laid in the tomb

A Transformative Journey

As you progress through each station, you will be guided to reflect on the broader significance of Jesus' sacrifice and its relevance to your own life. Our experienced guides provide thought-provoking insights, biblical references, and opportunities for personal contemplation. The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation encourages a profound inner transformation and a renewed connection with your faith.

How to Participate

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries offers The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation in both individual and group settings. Whether you choose to experience it personally or alongside a community of like-minded individuals, this meditation is designed to be accessible to all.

Individual Meditation

If you prefer a more intimate experience, join our individual meditation sessions. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the journey, creating a personal connection with each station and allowing for deeper self-reflection.

Group Meditation

For those seeking a shared experience, our group meditation sessions offer a supportive and uplifting environment. Engage with others on the same spiritual path as you journey through the Stations of the Cross, exchanging thoughts, insights, and prayers.


Behind the Veil Christian Ministries invites you to embark on an extraordinary exploration of faith and beliefs through The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation. Uncover the transformative power of this immersive experience as you dive deep into the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Prepare to be moved, inspired, and spiritually uplifted as you embark on this profound journey. Discover a renewed connection with your faith, a strengthened relationship with Jesus, and a deep sense of peace and fulfillment.

Join Behind the Veil Christian Ministries for The Stations of the Cross - Guided Meditation today and embrace the transformative power of this timeless spiritual practice.

Keith Mintzer
This guided meditation truly deepens the understanding of Jesus' sacrifice. A transformative experience indeed!
Nov 8, 2023