New Member Spotlight: Casey & Angela Fillion

Aug 6, 2018


Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries' New Member Spotlight, where we celebrate the faith, dedication, and inspiring stories of our community members. Today, we shine the spotlight on Casey and Angela Fillion, two individuals who have joined us in our mission to spread the message of love, hope, and faith.

A Journey of Faith

Casey and Angela's journey towards finding a spiritual home began long ago, as they sought a place where they could connect with a community and deepen their faith. After much searching, they discovered Behind the Veil Christian Ministries and felt an instant sense of belonging.

Their shared values aligned perfectly with our mission to create a nurturing environment where individuals can grow spiritually and make a positive impact on society. Casey and Angela were drawn to our emphasis on love, compassion, and service, which resonated deeply with their own beliefs.

Commitment to Service

One of the reasons Casey and Angela chose Behind the Veil Christian Ministries was our strong commitment to making a difference in the community. Both Casey and Angela have a passion for helping others and believe in the power of faith to transform lives.

Since joining the ministry, Casey and Angela have actively participated in various outreach programs, volunteering their time and talents to support those in need. Whether it's organizing food drives, visiting the sick, or lending a helping hand to the marginalized, their dedication to serving others is evident in everything they do.

Spreading the Message

Casey and Angela firmly believe in the importance of sharing their faith and inspiring others to embrace a spiritual journey. They have become valuable members of our ministry's outreach team, using their skills in communication and storytelling to spread the message of love, hope, and faith through various media channels.

Through Casey's expertise in digital marketing and Angela's storytelling prowess, they have pioneered several online initiatives, reaching a wider audience and creating meaningful connections with individuals seeking spiritual guidance.

Impact in the Community

Since becoming part of Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, Casey and Angela's impact in the community has been significant. Their unwavering commitment to serving others, coupled with their strong sense of faith, has touched the lives of numerous individuals.

Whether it's through mentoring young adults, supporting families in difficult times, or offering prayers and solace to those in need, Casey and Angela have become beacons of hope and inspiration.

Join us in Celebration

We invite you to join us in celebrating Casey and Angela Fillion, two remarkable individuals who have embraced Behind the Veil Christian Ministries as their spiritual home. Their journey, filled with faith, love, and service, is a testament to the transformative power of belief.

Together, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and strengthen the community through our collective commitment to faith, love, and service. Casey and Angela's story is an inspiration to us all as we continue to spread the message of love, hope, and faith.

Contact Information

If you would like to connect with Casey and Angela or learn more about their journey and involvement with Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, please feel free to reach out to us:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 123-456-7890
  • Address: 123 Ministry Street, Cityville


Casey and Angela Fillion's story is a shining example of the transformative power of faith and the impact an individual can make within a community. Behind the Veil Christian Ministries is honored to have them as valued members, and we celebrate their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to serving others.

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to join our community, experience the love and support we provide, and embark on their own spiritual journey. Together, let us continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we encounter, spreading the message of love, hope, and faith.

Laurel Savage
Casey & Angela's inspiring journey.
Oct 12, 2023