Revelation 11:7-14 - Satanic Methods & The Triumph of the Church

Oct 1, 2021


Welcome to Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, where we delve deep into biblical teachings to shed light on various aspects of faith and beliefs. In this insightful exposition, we explore Revelation 11:7-14 and unravel the satanic methods employed against the church. Join us on this intellectual and spiritual journey as we discover the ultimate triumph that awaits.

The Satanic Methods

In Revelation 11:7-14, we encounter a fascinating depiction of the relentless attacks Satan launches against the church. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing spiritual warfare faced by believers throughout history. These satanic methods aim to weaken and discourage the faithful, hindering the spread of the Gospel and causing chaos within the body of Christ.

1. Deception and False Prophets

One of the primary tactics employed by the Enemy is deceiving believers through false prophets. These individuals emerge, claiming to speak on behalf of God while distorting the truth. They subtly introduce heretical teachings, sow doubt, and lead vulnerable individuals astray. However, through discernment and a firm foundation in God's Word, the church can withstand this assault and expose these deceptive schemes.

2. Persecution and Martyrdom

Revelation 11:7-14 also highlights the harsh reality of persecution endured by believers. Satan seeks to intimidate and silence the church through physical harm, imprisonment, and even martyrdom. Despite these trials, the church perseveres, showcasing unwavering faith as countless martyrs throughout history have willingly laid down their lives for the cause of Christ. Their sacrifice serves as a powerful testimony to the enduring strength of the church and the triumph of God's love.

3. Division and Discord

Another insidious tactic used by Satan is sowing division and fostering discord within the church. By creating strife among believers, he seeks to weaken their collective impact and hinder their ability to propagate the Gospel effectively. Recognizing this strategy, it becomes crucial for the church to prioritize unity, love, and reconciliation, taking a stand against the divisive schemes of the Enemy.

The Triumph of the Church

While Satan's methods are pervasive and powerful, Revelation 11:7-14 assures us of the ultimate triumph of the church. This victory rests in the power and sovereignty of God, who is faithful to His promises and unfailing in His love for His people.

1. Divine Protection and Deliverance

Amidst the challenges faced by believers, God promises divine protection and deliverance. He shields His people and equips them with spiritual armor to withstand the attacks of the Enemy. As we remain steadfast in faith, meditating on His Word, and relying on the power of prayer, we experience God's sustaining grace and deliverance from every onslaught.

2. Overcoming Evil With Good

Revelation 11:7-14 reminds us that evil will ultimately be overcome by good. The church, armed with the truth, righteousness, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, possesses the power to redefine and reclaim the darkness infiltrated by the Enemy. Through acts of love, justice, and compassion, believers actively participate in the redemptive work of Christ, progressively establishing God's Kingdom here on earth.

3. Glorious Return of Christ

The triumph of the church reaches its zenith with the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Revelation 11:7-14 foreshadows the ultimate victory when Christ establishes His eternal Kingdom, eradicates all evil, and reigns in absolute righteousness. This glorious hope instills unwavering confidence and inspires believers to persevere in the face of adversity, knowing that the ultimate triumph awaits.


Join us at Behind the Veil Christian Ministries and explore the profound teachings surrounding Revelation 11:7-14. Gain valuable insights into the satanic methods employed against the church and the ultimate triumph that awaits. By understanding the tactics of the Enemy, discerning truth from deception, and embracing the promises of God, we can navigate this spiritual journey with confidence and emerge as conquerors in Christ.