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Sep 11, 2021

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries


Welcome to the Godly Play page of Behind the Veil Christian Ministries at Fairfax United Methodist Church. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and impactful educational experience for children within our community. With our commitment to faith-based education, we offer the Godly Play program, designed to foster spiritual development, encourage creative thinking, and deepen the understanding of God's love.

The Essence of Godly Play

Godly Play is a unique teaching method that engages children in a hands-on and interactive learning environment. Through storytelling, open-ended play, and guided reflection, children are encouraged to explore the sacred stories, traditions, and values of our faith. Rooted in Montessori principles, this innovative approach promotes the natural curiosity and imagination of children, allowing them to make personal connections with biblical narratives and our shared Christian heritage.

Benefits of Godly Play

The Godly Play program offers a myriad of benefits for children's spiritual growth and overall development:

  • Deepens Spiritual Understanding: Godly Play creates an environment for children to engage with the stories of the Bible, nurturing their spiritual curiosity and helping them develop a personal relationship with God.
  • Fosters Critical Thinking: Through open-ended questioning and reflection, Godly Play empowers children to think deeply, encouraging them to explore, interpret, and draw meaning from sacred stories.
  • Cultivates Creativity and Imagination: By encouraging children to actively participate in storytelling and play, Godly Play stimulates their creativity and imagination, fostering a lifelong love for exploring faith and the arts.
  • Promotes Community and Social Development: Godly Play provides opportunities for children to engage in collaborative storytelling and reflection, fostering a sense of community, respect, and empathy within the group.
  • Instills Values and Moral Lessons: Through the exploration of biblical narratives, children learn valuable lessons and ethical principles, building a strong foundation for moral decision-making and character development.
  • Develops Listening and Communication Skills: Godly Play encourages active listening and effective communication, allowing children to express their thoughts, ideas, and questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.
  • Enhances Self-Confidence: By engaging in meaningful conversations and creative expression, children gain self-confidence, as they learn to trust their thoughts, ideas, and contributions to the group.

Explore the Godly Play Experience

At Behind the Veil Christian Ministries, we offer a comprehensive Godly Play program for children of various ages. Our dedicated team of trained facilitators creates a safe and nurturing space where children can explore and experience the wonders of faith-based education. Through a combination of storytelling, hands-on activities, and reflective discussions, children embark on a meaningful journey of spiritual growth.

Join our Vibrant Community

Behind the Veil Christian Ministries welcomes families and children from all walks of life to join our vibrant community. Our Godly Play program is just one aspect of the enriching experiences we offer. Engage with others, participate in worship services, and discover the numerous opportunities for personal and spiritual growth within our church.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Godly Play program, please contact us:

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Join us on this transformative journey where children's hearts and minds are nurtured through the power of Godly Play. Experience the joy of discovering our faith and building a strong foundation for lifelong spiritual growth. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Fairfax United Methodist Church!

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